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July 04 2017

Anyone wanna play?

I’m in the mood for overwatch ps4 only tho







Accepting Haiti as a Latin country would mean accepting a predominantly dark, negro nation as Latino and y'all already have a hard time recognizing the negros in your countries that you haven’t genocided (ooops Argentina), ignored (ooooops Mexico), or tried to reproduce away by whitening the population (ooops yikes that’s a lot of y'all)

Is there anybody else besides this tumblr user that thinks Haiti is not already considered part of Latin America? Really? I mean, if you had geography class you know a fact is a fact and there’s no way you can deny it. smh.
Also, I don’t know where op is from but I’m betting not from Latin America lol I really hate americans/europeans/people-that-have-never-put-a-foot-on-any-part-of-Latin-America talking about our issues as if they had the last word on them. Have you lived in Argentina? México? No? Then don’t act like you know how things are on those countries. And whitening is not really our fault, have you ever considered that maybe the whole world aims for whiteness because we have all been taught by europeans and americans that that’s the norm? Oooop yikes fuck you

Ummmm… Idk who you are or where you are from but OP isn’t wrong. I’m Latino, born and raised in South America, traveled South America, coexisted with a whole buncha dif folk, and OP is NOT wrong. Latin America, teaches you (and enforces) a very specific idea of what being Latino is. Basically it goes like this:

Latinos that can call themselves Latinos - Everyone in South America except for Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana. Everyone in Mexico and Central America, except for Belize. Then there’s Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Cubans.

That’s it.

We are not taught to consider ANYONE else Latino. And when I say this I mean literally at school. Geography classes will cover those countries in a pretty dismissive way. Specifically because (at least in South America) they tend to focus on the country you are in, and the countries in SOUTH America. Anything like Haiti, Jamaica, etc, is talked about as “Caribbean” or “Insular America”. But we do NOT get taught to think of them as Latinos. We don’t consider them Latinos. Then one day it’s 2am, you’re in your 20s and you go “Wait a minute…”

And on the topic of Argentina, being dark-haired with brown eyes will get your ass called “Negro” regardless of how fair your skin is. Argentina is RACIST AS FUCK! Like that’s a well-known fact for Latinos. They’re EXTREMELY racist to anyone that isn’t white-passing.

I can’t speak on the Mexico situation but it wouldn’t be the only nation in Latin America to ignore the black folk. Hell, in Colombia the poorest department (like a state) is called Chocó. It is the blackest department they got, the most busted, and where a lot of the gold was- and still is- mined. Gold that gets turned into money that the people in Chocó don’t get to have or use. So…

I don’t like non-Latino folk talking about our issues either, especially when you know damn well they ain’t willing to do shit about it, but this is conversation that is necessary to have. Anti-blackness in Latin America is real and ridiculously rampant. Latinos do not like black people. Oops!

I never once considered HAITI a Latino nation. So if you can please elaborate on why and how. It has nothing to do with them being black it just isn’t a Spanish speaking country, which I believe defines a Latin country. However that being said, any and all cultures in the world are anti-black and always aim for whiteness, blame European colonization for that. It just sad that a lot people only see the stereotypical Telemundo and Univision Latina and thinks that how all of us look like and it’s not. You can be literally be Asian and be Latino, they are not mutually exclusive. It’s something that still hurts me being that I am Afro-Latino and have hated my skin tone and other black features because I felt I wasn’t Hispanic enough because I was black and not the white-passing Latina girls that they praise all the time.
Every culture strives for more whiteness and less blackness, that’s all due to society and it’s impact on multiple levels.

Brazil isn’t a Spanish speaking country

There’s such a longgggg & well-documented history of the anti-Black racism Haitians face even on the island they share with the DR. You can even go to hella watered down Latino Buzzfeed stuff (Remezcla, Mitú) they address how Afro-Latinos/Brazilians/Haitians face discrimination in the Latinx communities

July 03 2017

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I came here to shitpost, and shitpost I will.

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This nigga Finesses the Camera angles…

Lmao I was like why is he doing that

It’s back!!!!!!

You gotta admit, that was brilliant. LMAO!!!!!


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being the unattractive friend is not easy i don’t think we get enough credit

fax. like when someone talks to your attractive friend you gotta chill back in the corner. wit our ugly ass

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read facts and chill

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🗣 Don’t touch girls without permission!

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me listening to the constant sound of fireworks going off in my neighborhood everyday this summer from 2pm-2am 



It’s worst when you live in the hood.







when you see a cute white boy and wonders if he likes black girls.


when you see a cute black boy and wonder if he likes black girls


Damn smh

It’s sad how true this is.😒🤦🏾‍♀️

Literally. And then neither one them like dark skinned girls like that 🙄🙄🙄

Recipe for (my) perfect Sim game



1. For the base, mix gameplay and sandbox from TS2


2. Add a breathtaking fully customisable open world from TS3


3. Mix with TS4 CAS


4. And last but not least, do not forget to serve with a a pinch of quirkiness from TS1


Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled Whitewashes the Civil War–Era South. That’s Hardly a Surprise.




““The slaves left.” In three words, Sofia Coppola’s new film The Beguiled casually dispenses with one of the great shames of the American republic. Coppola’s film is an elegant Southern Gothic tale of masculine charms and feminine vengeance, completely stripped of its historical and racial context. While not every period genre picture need grapple with the “peculiar institution,” this is a film set during the Civil War, unfolding between Southern women and a Northern soldier, and it goes so far as to cut both black characters from the novel upon which it was based. […]

“I’ve always loved the women in the South, and the South in general; it’s so exotic and different.” Exotic is a word Coppola used again in an interview with Vanity Fair, and it signals her aesthetic interest in the story. The chance to film the remnants of the antebellum South, with its grand houses, stately furnishings, and beautiful dresses must have been an alluring prospect for a director so visually minded and so interested in the lives of the wealthy. But aesthetics are not apolitical, and those grand houses and beautiful dresses didn’t emerge out of a vacuum.”


i hope it’s okay if i add to this: 

when called out, Coppola said said she “wished to explore the gender dynamics of the Confederacy, not the racial ones" as if gender dynamics are an exclusively white issue.

to give this a little more context, The Beguiled is based on a novel of the same name written in 1966. there are not a lot of characters in the story, but of them, two are black: Edwina is a free, biracial school teacher who has to hide the fact that she’s part black in order to survive, and Mattie is a house slave who is treated like shit by the white characters. their presence is meant to highlight the racism of the South and the disparity between black and white women.

in Coppola’s film, Edwina is played by fucking Kirsten Dunst and Mattie is nonexistent. Coppola felt secure in taking a story set during the Civil War and utterly removing the biggest element of the war because, the fact is, black people (and POC in general) do not interest her and she doesn’t care about their stories. never has.

if you watch any of her films, you’ll notice almost all of the main characters are white (and affluent). in Lost in Translation, which is set in Japan, the main characters are white and Japanese people are portrayed as strange and cold and impossible to understand. when not used for comedic relief or to point out how “alone” the white characters are, they’re just part of the scenery.

in The Bling Ring, a move based on real events, she simply removed one of the real people from the story entirely: a Latina girl named Diana Tamayo was unlike her friends in that she wasn’t wealthy. when she was arrested, police threatened to deport her entire family in order to get her to cooperate.

tl;dr: Sofia Coppola has a history of erasing and dehumanizing people of color in her films, and she’s more concerned with preserving the aesthetic of white women in the antebellum South than she is with telling the truth of their horrific racism and the suffering of slaves.

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it was in that moment my sister taught me what “family” actually means.

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Attention RT/AH/FH/RWBY artists!!!

Jon just posted this tweet, and I know y’all are talented af, so go send him your art!

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