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October 23 2017


I love love love girls and I like a few boys


Stop treating bisexuals like lesser members of the community. Stop treating bisexuality like the orientation you “settle” for if someone isn’t gay. Stop making bisexuals secondary. Stop treating bisexuality like a less preferable “option” for people and characters. Stop treating bi rep like its up for anyone else’s interpretation. Treat bisexuality with some fucking respect.

October 17 2017

How to tell if it's getting bad again:


- sleeping too much or not at all
- eating too much or too little
- sounding disinterested in everything
- being spaced out a lot
- rambling a lot or not talking at all
- losing track of time
- making cynical comments, usually about yourself
- pushing people away
- tend to rubbing your eyes and head a lot
- avoiding eye contact
- always being shaky
- avoiding certain conversations

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top 10 iconic anime protagonists

The live action Full Metal Alchemist looks so good



Do you ever wonder what long term psychological damage is caused by crushing our small children with overwhelming pressure and time constraints every single day of their developmental life from age 5-18 and then suddenly setting them free into the world with no guidance or assistance other than “get a job” 

honey i don’t have to wonder 

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My Twitter did a thing

October 16 2017





i’m reading a very manly 1950s account of a hunt for el dorado but i’m thirty pages in and the narrator has already described his traveling companion as “handsome” 4 times, “extremely handsome” twice, “exceedingly handsome” once, his voice as “quietly husky” and “a husky whisper,” his fingers as long and deft, his body as “tall and cat-like,” and his eyes as some variation of ice-blue at least three times.

just men being dudes. dudes being pals. it’s great. this is great.

“Ever since he had aimed that gun at my throat, I had liked him immensely. And now I liked him even better.”

oh my god

“I awoke when a beam of light fell across my eyes. Jorge had come into my room carrying a lighted candle.

‘I’m going with you,’ he said quietly.

‘I can’t pay you.’

He smiled. ‘I thought I was a partner?’”


according to apparently every adaptation of a search of el dorado, i think we can conclude that maybe the real el dorado was the homosexuality we found along the way

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According to a Facebook post shared earlier this week by Destiny Tompkins, her manager—a white man—labeled her hair “too urban” and “unkempt,” cited her for a dress code violation and said that he would not schedule her for more shifts until she removed her braids.

“Black women have been criticized and discriminated against because of the way we choose to protect and maintain our natural hair for generations,”she said.

The most horrifying part is that this is not an isolated incident. Black women experience this on a daily basis.

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I feel like this would be a slippery slope towards making it illegal for people to choose to not vote.

that’s already how it is in australia

That’s just so fucked up. :(
Do certain medical conditions exempt you?

?????? why is it be fucked up to have compulsory voting? that’s the way it is in most democratic countries? it’s a part of being a citizen, like paying taxes and obeying speed limits? the fine for not voting is only like $50 and because of the compulsory voting law, our country bends over backwards to make it accessible: it’s always on a weekend, lasts most of the day, and is set up at schools and community centers so there’s one within easy reach of almost everybody. you can also mail your ballot or vote early if you’ll be out of the country on the day. like, IT’S EASY TO VOTE, and the penalty isn’t even that ridiculous. i don’t understand why the usa doesn’t have this, except obviously it would make it harder to literally stop minorities from voting.

I think we Americans tend to forget that a lot of other countries don’t actively work to make it harder to vote.

Adding to this here, in Australia you don’t have to vote. Or, more precisely, there’s no way they can tell if you ruined your ballot. You have to turn up, get your name marked off, but you can put a line through the ballot if you don’t think any of the candidates are worth voting for. Or do this: 

Or this: 

Or this: 

You have get your name crossed off (if you don’t want to wear the fine), but you don’t have to make your vote counted if you’re opposed to it. 

And it is so, so easy to vote. Stuck at work or on holidays? That’s fine. Do a postal vote.  Stuck in hospital? That’s fine. They’ll go to you. Stuck in an old people’s home and can’t get around? Again, they’ll go to you. It’s amazing to me that it’s so hard for so many Americans to actually vote. If you make it compulsory, than at least the government is obligated to provide you with the means to vote. 

And look, I get it. Sometimes I don’t want to vote either. But I suck it up, I walk three minutes down the street, and I hope that this year they’re selling lamingtons again. Oh, and I buy a democracy sausage, which, even if all the candidates suck, makes the effort of turning up pretty worthwhile. 

ALSO, you can see even on the fucked up ballots that you NUMBER CANDIDATES IN ORDER OF PREFERENCE. There’s no need to calculate whether I would be throwing away my vote on the candidate that I most agree with if they’re not from a major party. I can say, I want that independent person to get in, but if not them, give me Big Party A, and if not them, that minor party person is still better that Big Party B, and I’m not giving any preference to the Lunatic Fringe Party.

Our system certainly has some issues still, but I can show up to somewhere nearby, line up for a few minutes (if at all), vote exactly in line with my values (on paper, leaving a paper trail that can be recounted), and then buy a sausage and some home made cupcakes on my way out.

A country’s voting system matters a hell of a lot and every citizen deserves one that makes it easy to vote and results in a government that is representational and accountable.

And by the way, one time I had a bad asthma flare-up on Election Day and didn’t make it to my polling station. I got my fine in the mail, I filled out the form explaining why I couldn’t vote, no more fine. I would rather have, you know, expressed my preference for who should run my country, but they were cool with the fact that I couldn’t do it that day.

“oh no, what if people actually have to participate in picking the government officials who will impact their lives” jesus christ

October 14 2017




People: “African people in Spain? But how! There’s like, a whole sea between them!”

(Spain in the foreground, Morocco in the background.) 

For the curious, the distance here is just under 9 miles.

So yeah. There’s been travel here for as long as there has been rafts.

I love when people joke that you can fit all of Europe inside Texas, but cannot conceptualize that Northern Africa is right next to Europe and that people have been traveling since the dawn of people.

Black people in Shakespeare?!?!? That’s crazy. How would they have made it to Europe?!?!??

If mufuckas can walk to Central California from South America, a mufucka can walk and paddle their way from Africa to Northern Europe.




People: “African people in Spain? But how! There’s like, a whole sea between them!”

(Spain in the foreground, Morocco in the background.) 

For the curious, the distance here is just under 9 miles.

So yeah. There’s been travel here for as long as there has been rafts.

I love when people joke that you can fit all of Europe inside Texas, but cannot conceptualize that Northern Africa is right next to Europe and that people have been traveling since the dawn of people.

Black people in Shakespeare?!?!? That’s crazy. How would they have made it to Europe?!?!??

If mufuckas can walk to Central California from South America, a mufucka can walk and paddle their way from Africa to Northern Europe.









My mom said that today in church her pastor said in the sermon that Jesus told us to help the poor, and taking money away from public schools to give to charter schools only widens the gap between the rich and the poor.  She then added that Jesus spoke against adultery and lust and would not have approved of bragging about sexually assaulting women.  According to my mom, people got up and walked out.

The pastor also started the sermon by noting that she’d heard of another minister who read the entirety of the Sermon on the Mount at the pulpit, to be told by the so-called Christian parishioners after the service that it was offensive and they didn’t agree.

The Sermon on the Mount is straight up the words of Jesus.

I recently read an article that said, hypocritical Christians in America don’t actually worship Jesus. They worship America, and even then, it’s a very specific, self-centered idea of America.


My mom’s church talks almost every Sunday about how Christians are called to welcome strangers and foreigners and does tons of stuff to help refugees because HELLO, IT’S RIGHT THERE. IN THE RED TEXT, NO LESS.

I don’t believe everything they believe, but I REALLY like those people.

What a lot of these people are is idolators.

Not in terms of the realness or unrealness of who they worship, but in terms of how they’ve warped their focus away from the reality and turned it towards a fantasy of their own construction.

By definition, an idol is an image with no god behind it.

What they have done is taken the idea of Jesus and created a false image of him, nothing like the reality, to carry around in their back pocket, or to wave around on signs, and pull out and shove in people’s faces to justify all manner of unChristlike behavior.

It is a “worship” that is fundamentally self-centered rather than deity-centered, wherein the deity in question is more of a pocketbook get-out-of-jail-free card than directive to live by, and more of a status symbol than a guiding light.

That people will, without a shred of self-awareness, rest themselves assured that Jesus would want them to tip their waitress with a Jesus pamphlet made to look like folded-up money (to take only one example out of many) is the ultimate dismissal of everything the original stood for.

There is a line in the Bible about Jesus meeting his false worshipers and saying “I do not know you.” It seems like plenty of so-called Christians have beaten him to the punch with how quick they are to say they don’t know him.

A lot of churches and organizations in America that call themselves Christian churches are in fact Christianist cults.  They no more represent Christianity than Daesh represents Islam.  In addition to the usual nonsense of so-called Christians being pro-war, anti-immigrant, racist, and so forth, there are a lot of sects/movements that are just completely toxic and not Christian at all, even though they use that label.  If you are Christian and want to have some fucking nightmares, google “christian dominionist,” or “prosperity gospel.”

Still think this is the most realistic diagram of the difference between the theological Jesus and the Comfortable Reinterpretation of Jesus.

American Christianity is, at this point, like the Cult of the Emperor in ancient Rome, which is simultaneously both ironic and appropriate given the history involved

October 12 2017

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a saga






I think we’re kind of starting to get away from this but have y’all noticed how in the vast majority of popular media, sex scenes don’t actually tend to involve a lot of talking/fumbling/awkwardness unless it’s for humor or to indicate that the people having sex are a.) probably Wrong for each other somehow or b.) inexperienced, possibly having sex for the first time?

but “good” sex, between people who are experienced and In Love etc, is almost always effortlessly athletic and steamy and they somehow telepathically know exactly what to do. I’m not talking about knowing what their lover enjoys, that’s entirely feasible, but they never even have to coordinate what they’re doing. there’s no “do you want me on top?” or “do you want to do [x]?” or accidentally getting in each other’s way.

the overwhelming message that I’ve always gotten from pop culture is that Good Sex happens without communication and, more dangerously, that needing to communicate is a sign that you’re somehow bad at sex, when in reality that’s almost definitely a sign that you’re, you know, a considerate partner who actually gives a shit about people being comfortable when they have sex with you.  

why doesn’t this have more notes

because I posted it less than 12 hours ago; give it time, friend

Not only that but like, overwhelmingly sex in media is portrayed as this steamy, well-oiled, SERIOUS machine. Like… where’s the fun? Pop culture seems to be so obsessed with this communication-less pantomime of actual intimacy rather than the reality of intimacy going hand in hand with not only consideration but humour and mutual vulnerability.

Sex is by nature so awkward and odd and it NEVER works the way you see in films or on tv. It’s never seamless and perfect and that is not a BAD THING. 

You’re not “doing it wrong” if you’re having problems getting a good rhythm and keep messin’ each other up by trying to help.

You’re not doing it wrong if you’re laughing and talking and not taking it seriously.

And additionally, and now this is a complete tangent from the original point here, but you’re not doing it wrong if you don’t manage to get off or get your partner off.

Sometimes sex is just the action and not the climax and that’s COMPLETELY FINE. My partner and I struggled a LOT with this when we first started having sex because we both had terrible guilt when we couldn’t reach climax or couldn’t get the other off because we felt like that was what the whole point of sex was.

Media puts a lot of PRESSURE on sex and what it looks like that shouldn’t be there and it’s AWFUL.

The focus is just so … wrong. 

hey @thepixiepaige no big but this is the best commentary anyone has ever added to one of my posts


why dont you guys ever ask me questions. I am inappropriately open and desperate for attention



what if god was one of us

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