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June 15 2017

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DC locals fucking with inauguration tourists was easily one of the best things to happen this weekend

But…why? If they were politely asking a question, giving someone false information just because you don’t agree with them is pretty shitty.

counterpoint: eat my asshole with ketchup and mustard

It wasn’t “false information”, it was an “Alternative Fact”




so last night I had a dream that everyone in scooby doo went to college or something except for shaggy and scooby and shaggy was morosely trading in the mystery machine for a prius and the last thing I remember before waking up was scooby saying “raggy why” and shaggy goes “we need a car with better gas mileage scoob”

although character backgrounds are fairly fluid through the Scooby Doo franchise, of all the gang, Norville “Shaggy” Roberts is A> the most financially well of, and B>the most likely to get an athletic scholarship.
Daphne’s parents are rich, but she has for sisters, and the money is her parents still.
Shaggy however is the sole beneficiary of the estate of his late uncle Beauregard, who left him an unspecifiedly large fortune and a large southern plantation. Shaggy is independently wealthy.
Shaggy is also said, at multiple points across the various series, to have, in high school, won numerous awards in both Track and gymnastics. Coupled with the fact that he can outrun Scooby at times, and Great Danes can sustain speeds of 30 mph, means Shaggy can outrun Usain Bolt, atleast is there’s a mummy behind him, or a pizza at the finish line.

TL:DR Shaggy is doing fine and you don’t need to worry about him.

Now, let’s talk about how, CANNONICALLY, Scooby can speak human languages because he is distantly related to dread Cthulhu…

of all the useless information compiled on this website, this is the best thing I’ve ever heard

Grenfell Tower




Haven’t seen anything on here about it so let me write a quick summary.

Grenfell Tower is a high rise block of flats in Kensington - which is a super rich borough. Grenfell Tower is a social housing complex. In other words, poor people live there.

At 1am this morning, Grenfell Tower caught fire. The fire started on the 2nd floor, and spread via the building’s cladding all the way up to the top, the 24th. The fire was still going long into the morning.

6 people are dead. 50 more are in hospital, 18 critical.

For years, residents in Grenfell Tower had been trying to get their landlord to make sure their homes weren’t a fire hazard. In a series of blog posts, they detail their struggle to get the landlord to acknowledge that the building was a fire hazard. Grenfell Tower had no internal fire alarms, no sprinklers, and only one exit. The landlord insisted this was adequate. The residents asked for an independent surveyor - they were refused. Their counsellor made 19 separate complaints - the landlord tried to have her removed from her post. The building had been refurbished, but none of the residents’ concerns were addressed. Instead, the building was covered in new plastic cladding. The contractors said that the cladding would make the 70s social housing block look more attractive from the neighbouring luxury flats. The new cladding also happened to be extremely cheap. And flammable.

Jeremy Corbyn tried to pass a bill that would force landlords to make their properties safe. The tories voted it down. The fire committee told Boris Johnson, the then-mayor of London, that they were worried about fire risks in housing - he told them to get stuffed. Literally. Theresa May’s aide sat in on a meeting about unsafe housing - nothing was done.

In one of their blog posts, the residents of Grenfell Tower say that they’re afraid that their concerns will be dismissed by their landlord until it’s too late. Until something terrible happens. Only then will their landlord think that maybe, MAYBE, the building was unsafe.

The company that built Grenfell Tower has deleted their webpage on the building.

You can donate here: http://just.ly/grenfell-tower-fire-fund Please consider it if you can. These people have just been made homeless and have nothing now. They are unlikely to be insured.


12 people are now confirmed dead and that number is expected to rise.

Police also said they “honestly have no idea” how many people are dead. That’s how bad the fire was



so my 14y/o daughter got into an argument with her high school principle yesterday for fighting. an older boy had come up to her and asked her out, but when she said no and tried to walk away he grabbed her by her arm and pulled her back. so she punched him and broke his nose. her principle then told her she should have “heard him out” and “it’s not like the boy actually hurt her” so her response was “inappropriate”. so my daughter then chewed out her male principle in the middle of the school corridor about rape culture and that if that was his attitude then he should probably quit teaching forever because all he was doing was teaching girls to be quiet victims and teaching boys that it was okay to touch girls against their will and then she pointed right in his face and said “men like YOU are why my mum taught me how to punch people properly”. she got a round of applause from 2 female teachers listening in and i have never been such a proud mama

She’s a hero


This blog is 97% mobile and I want every one to know that

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I love these!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

The last one will be me!!!!!

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Black Panther: World of Wakanda #3

This is the best ever


Remember that one week where every Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter video involved bananas. Like every single video had at least one person eating a banana. There was the Let’s Play where Gavin was a banana. They wore banana-themed shirts, they ate bananas on the various podcasts, at staff meetings. An animated Joel ate a banana in RTAA. And everyone was getting kind of suspicious because an entire company seemed to have suddenly become banana-crazed.

And then this happened

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Netflix got some fucking nerve. I STG.

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I love drawing cute scenes.

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Hey everyone that last tweet is my tweet sjdjfjfkd

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Lisa Simpson at Stuff-n-Hug

This really says a LOT

simpsons is so next level



Dont stay in a toxic relationship just because you dont want to be lonely.

or toxic friendships

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Grandma has strong genes 

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fanfiction, the gift that never stops giving even when i beg it to

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