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May 22 2018

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What the-


i fucking hate how real this is

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older sibling privilege is finding this bit of the special hilarious while your younger sibling watches it without cracking a smile once

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ummmm why does this only have 1k notes 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Since there’s no links, here’s an article from USA Today with footage, and here’s a CNN follow-up from a day later stating that the officer retired before disciplinary action could be taken.

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I see no lies


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this post is a roller coaster, not in the way that people call wild posts “roller coasters,” but in the way that i knew something was up when i started reading the first paragraph, it was like the track slowly rising up, the wording just tipped me off, i knew there was going to be a serious drop that was going to give me whiplash, but when it arrived i still wasn’t ready for it

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Marvel’s Black Panther: “UN Meet and Greet” Exclusive Deleted Scene (X)



he’s trying lmao

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“The officer who fired the fatal shots at the 16-year-old, however, was cleared of all charges by a grand jury.” 


There is absolutely no justice in this. First of all why is he being tried as an adult?

basically the reasoning behind this bs is that he was an accessory to murder because he was involved in the robbery, which “caused” the officer to have to fire his gun. laiketh was offered 25 years if he plead guilty, 65 if he took it to trial. (long sentences like this are basically used to scare people into pleading guilty.) he decided to fight (because, you know, he didn’t actually shoot anyone) but he lost. it’s so sad and stupid.

“I don’t think Mr. Smith will be smiling long when he gets to prison,” District Attorney C.J. Robinson said. “We are very pleased with this sentence. Because the sentences are consecutive, it will be a long time before he comes up for even the possibility for parole, at least 20 to 25 years.”

This adult is speaking with joy about sentencing a 15-year old kid to prison for the rest of his life, knowing full well the kid isn’t guilty for the crime he’s being punished for, because it was proven to be the police who murdered his friend.

there is no grain in this that isn’t the most absolute form of evil , and C.J Robinson deserves to die












































For example Frederick Douglas’ wife did so much for his ungrateful ass. She helped him get on his feet, gave him her last name, and supported him financially and took care of house and home. And in return was does this nigga do? He lets white abolitionists tear her down and treat her like a slave in HER HOUSE. Moved two bitches into HER HOUSE over a span of 20 years. Belittles her for being illiterate while using HER MONEY. Not even in death does she get the respect she deserves. His last wife is more recognized as being apart of his life than she was. Just trash. And y'all still normalize that shit as if it’s a black woman’s job to struggle. Fuck that.

Fuck Frederick Douglas.

That negro was a massive hypocrite. How the fuck you wanna abolish slavery and support women’s rights, then treat your own wife like shit?????????????????

^^^^ history left her out of his story too. Claiming his parents have him money to start up when it was her.

Don’t forget MLK and Malcolm X

My heart broke a little but I’m not surprised. What did Malcolm do ?

I don’t know about Malcolm X, but I know that Martin Luther King was in love with a white caferteria lady name Betty that he was seeing while he was attending college. The only reason why he married Coretta and not the cafeteria worker is because his dad frowned upon it. Not only that but his best friend Ralph Abernathy and Jackie Onassis exposed him for being a sex craved phony that loved cheating on Coretta. I guarantee that if black women from the civil rights era could talk now, our heads would explode. 

I mean if we’re gonna spill tea


Our community has always treated us like shit no matter what. Not to mention Miss Claudette Colvin who was the actually pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement. She was arrested for not giving up her seat on the bus 9 months before Rosa but she was a dark skinned single mother so she wasn’t good enough. 

Let’s not forget Black Panther’s leader Eldridge Cleaver and his famous book “Soul On Ice” where he recounts how he practiced raping black women because he knew no one would care and when he “mastered his craft” he starting raping white women. Also let’s never forget that he said that there is no more love left between black women and men and that everytime he embraces a black woman, he embraces slavery. Y’all gon’ get this history lesson today!

Wow… and somehow I’m not even surprised.

I knew all of that. Martin was constantly cheating with white prostitutes even a German exchange student while protesting civil right. Cleaver was the worst. Preying on and raping young black girls in the hood as practice for raping white women. Claudette is still referenced as “the other rosa parks” when the light bright brigade “NAACP” weren’t gonna let her share her story to begin with.

Let this post never die. Black women were NEVER respected back in the day, and we’re STILL getting disrespected every minute.


[reasons why I think most Black dudes r performative when it comes to being *proBlack* n only know how to mirror yt ally theater/chase yt validation. n nonBlack ppl better back the fuck off this post and start combatting the antiBlackness before they even think of comment.]

Just a reminder that Claudette Colvin didn’t get pregnant until 3 months after refusing her seat on the bus. She was a poor dark skinned girl. In her words “they wanted someone PEOPLE would sympathize with and I didn’t look like that.” Colorism AND Classism waaaay before Instagram 🙂

Bruh I learned all of this and more in my civil rights history class last semester. My professor actually got her doctorate in black women in the black power movement. Even though two black men from California started the radical group as we know it, black women did most of the work and kept the group afloat. By the 80s it was largely female led. Also, elderidge cleaver wrote an essay after getting out of prison where he recanted everything he said in soul on ice and this was largely due to the fact that women were running the bpp and told him he couldn’t join if he was to co tibie to perpetuate this rape nonsense.

Also also claudette Colvin wasn’t the only one who was forgotten during the Montgomery bus boycott. Do y'all know who Jo Ann Robinson is? Home girl was the backbone to the whole movement tbh. Yeah rosa (a trained activist btw) was the igniting flame and yes in her documents and Jo Ann’s Claudette was credited as the inspiration, but jo Ann really kept the movement running. She organized car pools for all the black folks in Montgomery. Y'all the Montgomery bus boycott lasted for a year! People still had to get to work and shit. Jo Ann was on it! Plus she had a whole committee that was pushing for regulation changes and the end of segregation in busing. And hell, Montgomery buses were damn near reliant on black commuters so they eventually had to give.

Plus my all time fave is the homie Ella baker. Home girl ensured the founding of sncc when fuckboy Mlk tried to make them the youth chapter of the sclc. SNCC is the group that made sit ins a popular form of protest during the early civil rights movement. They founding students had their first sit in in 1960. Ella baker was like these students need their own separate movement and the sclc ain’t it. Plus she was a true proponent of self determination which was clear in everything that sncc did.

Basically what I’m trying to say is black women been the backbone of society and they still are.

Let’s also talk about how Huey P Newton, the founder of the BPP ordered the severe beating of Regina Davis. Regina Davis was an administrator at a BP school and was literally jumped for reprimanding a male BP member. She was beaten so bad that she was in the hospital for a broken jaw and had to flee to LA for her own safety. Her attack was a deliberate message to all female BP because the men were getting  upset with the increasing power black women had in the party and wanted to put them in their place.

In 1974 Huey P Newton also shot and killed a 17 year old sex worker in Oakland named Kathleen Smith in the face for calling him “baby” and because she didn’t give him the “respect” he wanted (x

and who could forget good ol’ Harry Belafonte and how he treated Ertha Kitt way back when 


Ellen Holly was a super light skin soap opera actress who claimed to have a similar experience with Harry Belafonte before he married a white woman and called him out in her autobiography about his behavior towards black women



That white woman ain’t got nothing to do with this. We’re talking about black women’s treatment here.

How dare you bring Patricia Arquettes white feminist ass on a post about the treatment of Black Women

That was a much needed thread. Reminds me of the first time I discovered Tumblr and learned so much about feminism and women’s history. To add my 2 cents to this, I put the pictures of most of the ladies mentioned above (I couldn’t find a picture of Regina Davis, if you have one that’d be great), so that anyone discovering these wonderful women can put a face to their name. 

unfortunately there are no known or publicly available pictures of Regina Davis or Kathleen Smith

Keep this thread going and share the stories of how Black women have been degraded by black mens sexism 

Just to add some more, let’s not forget the importance of Shirley Chisholm. She was an unapologetic black feminist who fought for the rights of women and the poor in her community.  She was a founding member of both the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Women’s Caucus. 

She was the first black women ever elected to the US congress and was the first woman and black american to ever run for the president of the US. Her campaign to be the democratic nominee was treated like a joke, and although she had the support of her loyal husband she received NO SUPPORT  from black male leaders. Her campaign went underfunded and the men of the black caucus rallied around white male candidates instead because they were pissed off that she was getting attention and wanted a black male candidate instead.

“They think I am trying to take power from them. The black man must step forward, but that doesn’t mean the black woman must step back.“(x)

Don’t let this thread die! Keep commenting and bringing to light the stories of black women. Just adding more about the black panthers, a lot of people don’t realize that black panther chapters spread across the world to unite black and dark skinned people. 

In 1972 Dennis Walker, a black aboriginal Australian cofounded the Australian Black Panther Party (ABPP).

As always black women made up the back bone of the movement, organizing, protesting, and working in the ABPP schools/medical centers. Marlene Cummins, one of the first black women leaders in the movement recently spoke about about the abuse she and other women endured. Marlene and Dennis dated for some time and she has admitted that he was verbally abusive, violent, and cheated on her with white women. She once saw him smash a broken bottle onto a women’s face, which eventually led to their breakup.

She also revealed that she was raped by two indigenous leaders at the time (one aboriginal and the other torres strait islander) which was recorded on tape.

“There were men who are immortalized in history as heroes. Some of them are and some of them aren’t. [Some of them] are not heroes. They were rapists and perpetrators.”

“There were no support systems and women’s refuges weren’t as prevalent as they were today. Women’s rights were not voiced…[So can you imagine] what it was like for young girls with no support networks in those days, when those things – rapes by uncles – were not spoken of. How can you deal with that?

“…Even if you did report a crime, you were questioned whether it happened to you because you contributed to it: you asked for it!”

I’ve see a lot of people leaving comments asking for more information/resources to look into these women. A bit a googling will bring you plenty of reliable resources.

Marlene has a documentary out which can be seen here for free (x). I would also suggest reading this books by black panther women (x), (x), (x), (x) and this book that actually details the work some black men such as Fred Hampton did to address misogyny in the movement. 

Thank God for Black women. As Black men, we need to do better. We must respect our women’s role in the resistance and revere them for everything they have and continue to do.

I second @blaquerenaissance

Honestly @blaquerenaissance respect and reverence is nice but what we need is for Black men who do care about Black women to challenge the ones who don’t so that something like this thread never happens again. For every Black man who thought it was socially acceptable to treat Black women like dogs, I promise you there were at least 3 other Black men who stood by and did nothing, said nothing, or encouraged them. Respect and reverence from 25% of y'all isn’t going to do anything if the other 75% still think Black Women are toys that they can discard when we are no longer useful to them. And since we know that Black men as a whole don’t listen when Black women are talking, it’s up to Black men to speak up when they see something

I am so sick of coming on social media seeing some of these so-called negro conscious women who hate African men continue to use less than 10% of the populations as an excuse to make a blanket statement about all African men they act just like white women with their generalities we have enough to be fighting against that you should not be using your Consciousness to be fighting in the house. As long as you are not dating outside of your race don’t worry about other people period every one of these b****** probably don’t even have a man. I am just so thankful for the true conscious sisters who have no time for this petty feminists s*** they sent us in the sixties that these negro Christian girls are still falling for in 2018. This one sister in Hollywood years ago use the example of two or three men in Hollywood when she had a whole country to pick from but she chose a white man and the reason she did that is because of some high yellow n**** Harry Belafonte

1. If you are tired of social media, delete your account. I swear no one will miss you.

2. I’m going to assume reading is not your strong suit because this post highlights the struggle Black women went through while simultaneously carrying the plight of Black liberation on their backs but somehow your remedial comprehension level gathered this as an assault against “African men”.

3. If calling out rapists, hypocrisy, and abusers is what divides the Black community, in your eyes, you’re a coward looking for an excuse to justify your refusal to hold men accountable who deserve to be held accountable. You read a post where Eldridge clever wrote a book about raping Black women for practice and your bitch ass response is… “ As long as they don’t date outside their race”. Again reading is not your gift because he literally says he started with Black girls because nobody cares about them but his goal was to rape white women. (To clarify*** rape does not = dating)But of course the other examples stated in this post of Black men chasing white women while abusing Black women who were on the front lines of revolution went right over your head.

4. Yes coward is the right word for you because anyone who reads about rape, abuse, and the worship of whiteness and has the nerve to type a dissertation how much this makes you mad at Black women??? Congratulations you have chosen the side of your oppressor. You choose to want to silence those who shed light on rapists and abusers in our history, so that these issues can be expunged from the Black community (news flash dumbass, this problem still exist,not just in the 60s as you mentioned). Rather your solution to keeping the Black community together is for Black women to be quiet and allow safe space for rapist to thrive. Coward.

5. Since when is it feminist to tell the truth?

6. Too many are comfortable ignoring the truth. The truth is our heroes had flaws. And those flaws is what is breaking up the Black community. Not Black women’s calls for accountability.

7. And my last point. You’re weak and aint cut out for this if truth makes you want to bury your head in the sand and fall in line with global white supremacy and choose to berate black women. Again, delete your account. Consider it a contribution to the struggle for Black liberation by removing yourself from the equation all together. You are a pimple in the path to progress and your hatred for Black women, Black history and the truth are clear signs of your ignorance that has no use to Black people. It only aids and affirms white supremacy which makes you an enemy to those seeking liberation.

Honestly this why I didnt support that Nat Turner movie or the guy who made it. You cant claim to want black rights if you plan screw over black women to get it.

the nonsense bein’ made in these posts is why i hate feminists.K

These are all facts you brainless morron

He hates feminists because of past facts?  Ok then.

He hate blk feminism for pointing out facts abt these men that r suppose to b held n high asteem

This post

I am still reading this post. Damn

This thread! 🔥🔥🔥

Here’s some evidence to that whole Elderidge Cleaver thing. This man was bold with his hatred for black women, and somehow this book is getting praised by critics for its “rawness”?

this last blurb? what a fucking piece of shit.

black women are constantly being belittled, abused, dehumanized and literally NOBODY gives a fuck.

i am so fucking disgusted and saddened.

The messed up part is this is from his “rise to greatness story” but as you can tell from his actions and this excerpt that sick monster still lingers inside him.

I ♥️ tumblr

All of this hurts my heart….

This shit makes me sad! Being a black woman is honestly tiring. We are always there for everybody but no one seems to give a shit about us, except for us!



Hot fucking take but straight women don’t get to use the word twink or participate in top and bottom jokes

They also can’t call themselves butch, femme, or a dyke.

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Ok but black majority fandoms such as the Black Panther fandom and Black Lightning fandom are so drama/worry free and if there’s discourse it’s mostly from non blacks shipping incest and whitewashing characters let’s be real

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‘’Violence has a gender.’’ (Sense8, 2015)

Amanita’s dads were always right. It’s always a man when it comes to shootings..

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For real though.

You all need to do yourself a favour and listen to “Not Ready To Make Nice” which is the goddamn angriest country music I’ve ever heard and it’s great.

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Bitch I sat here and waited like a dumbass!













I’ll never forget that one time I was talking to this boy and I rejected him (mind you I almost gave him my address because we were supposed to go out) and he stalked and harassed me for an entire month and put my number on Craigslist (I was getting hundreds of calls and texts every day to the point my phone stopped working).

Men are crazy.

I had one throw a water bottle at me for ignoring him as I walked down the street. I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter on my way to a doctors appointment. The bottle missed me.

He’s lucky I was pregnant. I pulled my box cutter out on a dude one night on the train when I used to work nights a few years back. I scare myself sometimes because I’m gonna kill somebody one day.

I always carry my knife with me just because dudes love to act stupid so I’m prepared to cut they ass accordingly :)

Omg where can I get a pocket knife?

Amazon! They have these knifes disguised as keys.

I got this on amazon. Closes up and looks like a leaf. Sits right on my key chain.

WomenOnGuard.com also has a selection, many of which you can find on Amazon - but should you find yourself spending $50 on self defense weapons, WomenOnGuard.com offers free pepper spray & free shipping (as of March 14, 2018 - in case that offer ends at some point)

As someone with limited strength and physical mobility, but who can press a button pretty easily, I recommend personal keychain alarms that are set to make a VERY loud noise (140db–about the same noise level as a chainsaw). They’re about $8 a piece usually, but you can buy 3 for 16 and split them among your family and friends. If it doesn’t startle and deter the harasser/attacker, it’ll definitely get someone’s attention.

I usually end up taking most my classes in evening so I can go straight to work after. For a year or so I never carried anything with me. When the security guard at my job found out he was livid. He went and got me mace and a little pocket knife.

Within the last year I’ve had a guy follow me in the parking garage when ain’t no other cars there.

I’ve had guys waiting outside my job and no one is there to walk me to my car at 3am.

Strap up ladies cause these men do note care how scary they are, they don’t care that they intimidate you into talking to you.

But also ladies RESEARCH THE LAWS OF YOUR STATE/CITY, cause some of the things you buy may get you arrested & possibly charged; even in self defence. For example: It’s illegal in NY state to carry and use a taser or possess a knife longer than a certain length. This is also very important, shitty to find out but important.

To ALL my female followers, please be safe!

I have the leaf knife (I’ve called it The Leaves Of Lórien) and it is super convenient, takes up next to no space in my bag, and just looks like a cute keychain when closed.

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